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Chiropractic Golf PowerPoint


Chiropractic Golf PowerPoint Slide Show
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Chiropractic Golf PowerPoint

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Chiropractic Golf PowerPoint

Gear up for your next patient building presentation with this impressive PowerPoint golf lecture slide show. Build audience impact with these prepared diagrams, illustrations and photos. This visual tool was developed especially for Chiropractors to inform prospective and current patients on the necessity of a healthy body, the avoidance of golf injuries, as well as conditioning and Chiropractic care.

These presentations are full of high quality visual graphics and photographs for patient educational classes and seminars.

Presentation 1 has over 125 slides. Presentation 2 has approximately 50 slides.

Both PowerPoint slides shows versions are completely educational and entertaining. Slide show number one has over 125 slides, while slide show number two has 50 slides. Slide show number one (125 slides) comes complete with a script. If preferred, you can read directly from the slides. Elapsed time is 30-60 minutes, depending upon audience participation. Both presentations have template slides so you can add specific information about your practice. Just set it up and play. It's that simple.

Sample Chiropractic Golf PowerPoint Slides

There are two presentations on the CD. The main slide presentation is number one, while slide presentation two is a bonus. Each consists of simple slides to support you the speaker and supplement the presentation.

In presentation one (see the sample slides below) a header is used at the top showing the section of the presentation. The five sections are: Healthy Body, Golf Injuries, Off-Course Conditioning, On-Course Conditioning and Chiropractic Care. This format allows for Q & A breaks. In presentation two no header is used. To help make your message more powerful the slides have no superfluous information, have a clean and consistent style and the orientation of the presentation is landscape format.

While a script is provided with presentation one, remember people come to hear your message. People want to be informed by you the expert. Your ability to tell a story with the slides is what will ultimately move the participants to choose your services.

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Includes Bonus Marketing Products
Special Website Price - $149

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